The Flight Jacket

[Note: Regarding my crazy need to make covers for even the most trivial thing I write, please see the newly added verbiage on the Original Fiction parent page (above).]

Read “The Flight Jacket”Author’s Comments:

Sometimes it’s hard for me as a writer to know where to draw a line, and to figure out which stuff maybe kind of goes over that line a little and doesn’t get posted, versus which stuff is safe for me to throw up on.

Wait! I meant, which stuff is safe for me to throw up onto my Original Fiction section! A-hem. Yes.

It was a particular “gray matter” (shameless pun) as to whether to put The Flight Jacket into book form, or to post it in the much-neglected dream journal (as with many a writer’s short stories, and even some not so short ones, this one is based on a dream.) Ultimately, the desire to experiment with a new voice won.  I made the decision to give the story a confidential tone—like someone talking to a close friend, or maybe to their shrink, or something—a somewhat irritating, tedious voice, but one that (hopefully) is still loveable.

And it really does make me wonder. What might the consequences be when magical implements end up in the hands of the not-so-bright?

Dreams can be crazy, and I, myself, admit to being slightly around the bend, and I probably will be for a while. As the first-person voice says in the narrative, I have “sliding dreams.” I really wish I knew what they meant. They’re not as fun as flying dreams, but they are still heck-a fun.

But here’s the twister: What I really think would be a hoot is to do the opposite of this story. By opposite, I mean; instead of a book, I wish I could do this piece as a short film, and instead of a monologue, tell this story as a silent film.

Or, maybe I’m just going quietly nuts wishing I could film something. Probably.


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