On Creating My First WordPress Site

So, I’ve finally done it. My WordPress site is up, and it only took me 33 hours, total.

Why would it take a smart guy like me such a long time to set up a WordPress site? I mean—afterall—it’s supposed to be prug-n-pray, right?

The problem, in this case, is twofold:

  1. Documentation, and
  2. Documentation.

In the first place, if you have been a web guru, or even just played one on TV, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want your site to look like. Guess what? Those aren’t the defaults, and that little tidbit of information is not adequately explained during startup.

WordPress may actually be more difficult for someone who is an experienced web programmer.

For example; let say that, like me, you prefer to see a nice, static, familiar ‘welcome’ page, instead of a blog. Yes, that can be changed (under Settings | Reading); the problem is that not only is that not a stunningly intuitive place to put those options, but until you’ve beat yourself up trying to figure that out for 20 hours, you might not even know what you’re looking for.

Secondly, the help documentation could be more context sensitive. For example, if I’m editing menus, it would be nice if clicking on help took me to the help for menus.

Finally, only one thing really sticks in my croix: the false expectations of how long setting this site up should have taken me, or that I was expecting things to go a lot faster. But why should I have? Frankly, an equivalent site would have taken me a minimum of 100 hours of programming if I were to do it from scratch, not to mention the Headache, Heartache and Grief of integrating various server streams.

In terms of articulate article integration, I suppose I probably got a bargain in getting this site up in just 33 hours.

So then, why was expecting I’d be done in two minutes?


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