Dream Journal

My (infrequent) dreams worth recording

UPDATE 2011-06-18: I have decided to do my dream journal differently. While having the rigid, formal analysis might be a good thing, it was getting in the way of the personal, subjective retelling of my dream as a story.

When I was in seventh grade or so, my cousins and I were mysteriously shipped off to my Grandma Wilcken’s home for a two week sleepover. Between my sister, Marcie, and I, and my cousins Wes, Charlyn and Linda, and our cousins local to Grandma’s house, Tammy and Theresa, there were sometimes five and seven of us between the ages of ten and fourteen, and while the sweet embers of that glorious mayhem now glow warmly in my memories, as an adult my main thought is “Poor Grandma!”

I have never learned the reason why we were all suddenly sent to Grandma’s.

In a spontaneous young teen preteen joint project, we cleaned out the old tool shed and turned it into a club house, and then used the room as a place to retell our dreams. These ‘dream therapy’ sessions were really the roots of my becoming a writer.

This kinder, gentler journal, then, is an attempt to return to those roots.

While I may decide to put the structured analysis section at the bottom of the entries, I’ve decided to not impose them on myself (or you) as a rigid requirement.

UPDATE 1010-10-28: This may be a little unusual, and it might get kind of personal, but I’ve been thinking I would do a dream journal for some time. Now that I have a WordPress site up, it seems like a no-brainer.

I’m going to do this as separate page entries, rather than separate blog-style posts, so that each dream can have its own responses section. My dreams are very visual; in fact, sometimes it seems they are all about the setting. Doing this section as discrete posts will allow me to use separate “featured images” if I get artistically inclined and motivated.

By the way, I discovered @tomkrieger from a web search. The “featured image” above, “Dewpoint,” speaks to me from my dreams, and I appreciate his kind permission for its usage here. Herr Krieger is on deviantArt as ~illugraphy, he has a new website coming up in addition to his site at http://www.fotoillustration.de/, and frankly he’s become my new favorite artist. To me, his work combines the etherial, edge-of-dream quality of Hans Werner Sahm, but with a warmer, more accessible palette, and with a realism that seems to have an inspired feeling of “revelation” about it.