I’m Dan, also known betimes as Dad and on the rare occasion as Daniel John Wilcken. I tweet as @negativevaccumThese pages are essentially a writer’s playground; a hobby to distract me from the things I’m supposed to be doing (such as cooking dinner, or running to the grocery store).

I am a 53-year-old father of six and new grandfather. It is my belief that my work as dad and husband are my primary occupations. I also dabble as a musical composer and a screenwriter.

Unlike other blogs you might visit, I don’t have a regularly updated column. I’m highly opinionated, even if most of my opinions are not fit to print. But more than that, I have found I just really don’t have the time, at present, to manage even a WordPress site. I feel like I’m doing good to get some creative writing posted (see the Original Fiction menu).


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