All Hallows Eve

I like Halloween.

As a Christian, a lot of other supposed Christians try to judge me on that. I guess some of them didn’t like Harry Potter much, either, while I found a lot of Truth in it.

Truth is Truth where e’er it’s found
On native soil or foreign ground.

Sorry, can’t find the attribution on that. Somebody help me?

As a father of six, a lot of other health conscious parents open fire on me. Am I being irresponsible in letting my kids go trick-or-treating?

I will say this much: I like Halloween. I like masquerades. I like pretending I’m somebody else every now and then, and letting my kids do the same. That’s not the proprietary domain of a writer, but it helps. [Edit: I like Christmas, too; but Christ was born ‘in the time of the young lambs’ according to Josephus. Saturnalia, the pagan winter solstice festival, was December 25. Frankly, I’m not sure Jesus cares when we celebrate his birthday. I do think he cares that we do celebrate it, just not when we do.]

I like candy. But then, I also like brussels sprouts and sushi and filet mignon. I like working out at the YMCA. While health is a problem, I’m skeptical that diet and exercise are the problems with that problem. You got a problem with that?

What I do have a problem with is growing old. Growing up was bad enough. Growing old positively sucks! Not being as imaginative as I used to be sucks. Is imagination one of the things that slips a parity bit when you start approaching 26 years? (Okay, I’ve still got a ways to go before I turn 64, but still.)

Trust me, folks; if you have a choice on growing old, pass on it. It ain’t worth it!

As for growing ‘up,’ it is my considered opinion that we can be responsible and be childlike. I say, if there is something, be it costume parties, or trick-or-treating, or even a lime flavored Tootsie Roll chew (them suckers are good!) to help keep the creative fire burning, then that’s A-okay by yours truly.

I am reminded of a music video for “Hell Bent” by Kenna. I don’t want the fire in my belly to go out!

And to my fellow Christians; frankly Jesus strikes me as the type who would have gone to a masquerade with friends and family, and would have had fun, and then used it as a teaching opportunity. Would he have ‘celebrated’ the Day of the Dead (Nov 2, US and Mexico)? Hmm. I’m thinking that might depend on your definition of celebrate. After all, he did open the graves of those that had slept, when Death tucked its tail between its legs and acknowledge who was boss with a humble ‘Just kidding, Sir! You the Man!’

I have fun speculating on what costume Jesus might wear for taking the kids out trick-or-treating. If that sounds like blasphemy to you, you might want to get a better handle on the New Testament. The guy that blessed children, and made sure a wedding he was going to had sufficient wine even if he had to ‘bring it’ by miraculous means, and who wasn’t above chowing down with tax collectors and other unsavory types, and who was the boss of Mr. Death, probably woudn’t have gotten his knickers in a bunch over Halloween like some of his disciples might have (and do). Just sayin.

So there. Plththththt.

Link hosted from metacafe – probably comes with a commercial.
Kenna – Hell Bent (Official Music Video)


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51 year old father of six, music composer, SF writer, and film director wannabe.
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2 Responses to All Hallows Eve

  1. Calchexxis says:

    You might well be the only person who shares my opinion on the kind of guy Jesus probably was. Someone who never forgot how to laugh or takes things lightly. Someone who wanted only for people to smile and be happy and live their lives in a kindly manner. I’ve heard the most ludicrous things concerning Halloween from ‘Christians’; everything from “It’s Satans birthday” to “Its a holiday for devil-worshipers”. Both being utterly ridiculous and the former being nothing short of laughable.

    • Thank you for that!

      I had, previously, decided a couple of things a long time ago: First, there seemed to be a discrepancy between between the guy I thought Jesus was when reading the different accounts of him in the NT, prophesies of him in the OT, and anecdotal accounts in the likes of Josephus, etc., versus the not very personable guy most of my friends think of him as. And second thing was, that I was not going to (or I was going to try not to) chicken out of being “friends” with the guy I was reading about.

      Being a writer myself, I try to give people a sense of personality through what I write. But that’s for fictional characters. It is my belief that when dealing with first- and even second-hand accounts of a real person, that the whole personality thing is already there, and it takes gross misrepresentation for that personality to be altered when chronicling, and that that is quite hard to do (for several different witnesses to consistently misrepresent a personality when chronicling).

      Yes. I can imagine Jesus saying; “Smile. Be happy. Live your lives in a kindly manner. By this everyone will know you are my followers, if you love each other.”

      That is, unless they forget, somehow, what his life was trying to teach.

      And as for Halloween being “Satan’s birthday” *rofl* – kind of hard to hold a birthday party for someone who wasn’t born. Yeah, I know – that’s interpretation on my part. I am also aware that there are some people that do just that. Imagination is a wonderful thing, but it can be misused! But that’s what I get out of it; that Satan was cast down from Heaven and wasn’t allowed the gift of life.

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